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Beat The Price Rise !

Beat The Price Rise - Stock Clearance Sale !

January is always a great time to secure essential inclusions for building or renovating projects, this year January sales are probably even more important than ever.

Prices have been increasing sharply for the last 18 months and now with old all but  gone, and no sign pre pandemic normality returning prices are going to rocket across the spectrum of materials and building trades.

Belfast Sinks has always prided itself on holding deep stock levels to weather fluctuations, however stock purchased at old prices has all but been irradiated.

So for January and January only we are offering our UK fireclay range at Pre Pandemic prices, while stock lasts.

We love working with you, and hope that you can secure your preferred UK fireclay kitchen sink at what will be never again seen prices!

Happy New Year and we look forward to working with you 

Andrew Shaw




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