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Summer Sale - Belfast Sinks - February Sale !

Welcome to February - Summer Heat, Storms, Building and Renovating !

Belfast Sinks believe it or not will be celebrating its 20 th year in business later this year, and is still proudly Australian owned and operated. No matter if you live in a city or the bush, our team has proudly been supplying UK fireclay Belfast sinks safely and securely, to this seeking what was once hard to find and is now a flagship trusted by many when seeking authentic genuine and unique UK Belfast sinks.

Savile Row is one of the worlds leading luxury kitchenware brands , and we are proud to be associated in Australia with Savile Row, a partnership that fits both ways perfectly. This unique relationship sees Belfast Sinks - Australia is the Unique position this January, where we are proud to be able to offer the "Mayfair" Saile Row Belfast sink for $945.00 including a free grid.

The Saile Row "Mayfair" is triple glazed to ensure stain resistance and manufactured using solid cast techniques protect against chips and ensure durability.

Savile Row fireclay carries a 30 year warranty, serviced in Australia by Belfast Sinks, ensuring your product is an investment underwitted for the life of your kitchen.

It is our pleasure working with you and look forward to working with you this February.


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