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We Are Still Open - Delivering Sinks Nationally - Proudly Featured In "Inside" Design Magazine This Month - We Are Isolated - Let Us Not Be Disconnected!

We are isolated, but we are not disconnected.!

*Courtesy Of Inside Magazine - Featured Product Double Fluted Sink.

We are Australians's, we are an isolated nation with a vast land mass.

We have build our country on strong people and families working remotely historically as pioneers.

Or recently as FIFO workers, isolated from loved ones and people for many, many weeks on end.

Our geographical spread sees many communities and farmers isolated as a way of life.

It is not isolation that kills or hurts is is disconnection.

So as we are forced to be at home, let us reconnect with our families.

Let us reconnect with our communities, and let us not let one man, woman or child feel alone as we isolate.

Wave at your neighbour, check on your elderly relatives, call your mates, and lets make sure that everyone while isolated is not disconnected.

We are Australian and we are humans suffering the same challenge together.

We are united and let no man, woman or child suffer from disconnection and let us reconnect , together we are each others strength.


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