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Happy Birthday ! -21 (EOFY) Years In Business

21 Years Young !

On the 7th January 2000 Renaissance Brassware turned 21, a milestone and achievement to be noted and duly recognised.

Founded by a young Andrew Shaw, whom started a small wholesale business importing luxury bathroom faucets and thermostatic showers from the U.K.

Identifying that no such products existed in Australia of this type and an opportunity existed to bring luxury, extremely well manufactured brassware to Australia.

At the time the internet was in its infancy, with e-mail just starting to be used by business on a 56 K modem.

Renaissance went on to become one of the most recognized luxury British manufactured faucet ranges within Australia, and remains a brand representing luxury that to this day has many repeat customers and fans of products that have sadly since become obsolete.

From early beginnings Renaissance today stands within OKAB group as a brand, now globally recognized as a respected Classic bathware and kitchenware house.

Belfast Sinks proudly supplies exclusively in Australia both Renaissance brassware and fireclay kitchen sinks.

Belfast Sinks is today the longest running, continuous fireclay sink supplier in Australia. Proudly importing genuine UK fireclay from our factory for over 15 years. We are continuing to innovate meeting our mission to bring luxury fireclay to market using evolving technological channels more competitively than any other Australian or International competitor.

We salute your achievement Renaissance - Happy 21st Birthday, we are proud to be your partner and part of the family story!






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