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Birthday Special Event ! $845.00 - Mayfair Butler Sink - With Free Grid !

Save $805.00

"Mayfair" Butler Sink by Savile Row

The original Savile Row butler solid cast butler sink sink.

"Mayfair" the original fireclay kitchen sink, represents the Butler sink as it was and how it needs to be today.

Established as one of the most specified luxury butler sinks globally, the solid cast, modern edge radius and offset waste are subtle but intuitively logical.

The offset waste allows washing without interference from the waste. Stylized radius brings a modern yet classic feel to the solid walled Butler sink design.

The Mayfair grid accessory, whilst not needed to protect the triple glazing, unique to all Savile Row sinks, brings peace of mind to discerning home owners whom wish to protect luxury chinaware, during wash.

Dimensions 755 * 475 * 250

Manufactured from UK fireclay and complete with a 15 year warranty.

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