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The images seen on this website are for the most part fully representative of the items that we have in stock, in certain cases for marketing purposes images are of non existent potential products and do not necessarily mean that a physical product exists. Images are sometimes placed so that market data can be ascertained about the interest levels and price sensitivity to potential products that may exists in the future as part of the company offering. The site is therefore a functional business site that is engaged in real time product sales and market research jointly. Due to the nature and limitations of the site from time to time a purchase sequence may therefore be possible from time to time of a product that is non existent and in test marketing phase, in this scenario the sale will be refunded immediately. To confirm if a product is in stock we would recommend calling customer service to confirm stock availability. The company will not be liable for any purchases or work made on the basis of a purchase that is not able to be fulfilled. The above does not effect your local consumer rights at law.
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