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Installing Your New Fireclay Sink


Generally a qualified plumber is used to install your new ceramic kitchen sinks, we would also recommend this as they are trained professional installers and can potentially save time and avoid unforeseen installation issues. It may also be a requirement of your local council if a plumbing inspectors certificate for submission to council upon completion of your renovation, please check with your local council to see if this is a requirement prior to commencing any install.

Before starting any install it is important that the correct size hole is cut into your bench top material. It is essential that you have your sink prior to cutting any hole as each sink is slightly different and the sizes we provide are for sizing purposed and not for specific template production.

Once you have your sink your cabinet maker or stone supplier will produce an accurate template from your sink, this template will be used to produce the hole that the sink will drop into. It is also essential that note is taken of the angle on your sink, this will need to be accounted for by your cabinet maker to ensure your sink fits snugly.

Once the hole has been cut in your bench top and your cabinets are assembled your sink if under mounted will be dropped into place and secured. When your belfast sink is secure your bench top will be installed on top of your cabinetry to give the finished look, please not it is usual for your bench top to cover the outer edge of your sink however this is an aesthetic decision, if choosing not to install your bench top over the side edges of your ceramic sink, care should be taken to ensure the edges between the sink and the cabinet is sealed so that they are water tight.

When you are happy with the position and security of your sink connect your waste and overflow (If Applicable) Do not over-tighten the waste as this can cause the sink to develop stress fractures/cracks around the waste over time.

You are now ready to use your new belfast sink.



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