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February Special Double Offset - $985.00

Welcome to February , the second month in a a new decade, and a great new sink deal.

However first a bush fire appeal update.

Whilst many fires have burnt out the devastation left continues and as the fires settle, the true depth of what has happens sinks in. We are thankful that we live in an area unaffected and think of this less fortunate.

To all those effected by the bush fires and those still bravely fighting them we will and promise to find any way we can to assist now and in the future.

We are Australian, proudly, and stand by our country men and women in times of trouble, and whilst we are only a small business, we will donate what we can to assist worth while charities directly assisting those in need.

Help us find those most in need and e-mail us at, we can not help everyone but we will do our bit.


Andrew Shaw

CEO Belfast Sinks




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